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Turquoise is one of the most beautiful semi-precious stones in all the world.  Indeed, it has been said that no other opaque stone is more beautiful and popular!  The archeological record reveals that turquoise has long been cherished, with the earliest documented use going back to 6000 B.C. Egypt.

Origin of Turquoise

Mother nature was quite democratic in her allocation of this precious stone.  Although turquoise deposits are quite rare, quality turquoise is found in isolated locations on virtually every continent.      


Our Mission: Turquoise Education

This educational site provides information about turquoise and its use in jewelry.  In many ways, this site is a tribute to turquoise and the many traditions surrounding its uses in cultures ranging from Native American tribes to the people of Tibet.

The site owners work in the jewelry business, but this site is noncommercial.  We sell nothing from it.  The site was started to provide our own customers with information about turquoise. We felt that this was necessary because the turquoise on the market today comes in many forms and variations.  Furthermore, there are many fake turquoise products out there to which an unwitting customer could fall victim.  We are trying to prevent that from happening!

A Note To Turquoise

If you deal in turquoise, we encourage you to let your customers know about this site by linking to us or perhaps by using your company’s newsletter to let customers know about us.  By calling your customers’ attention to this site, you will be giving them valuable information and bolstering your own credibility.


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If you are a gemologist, lapidary specialist, turquoise dealer, or jewelry maker with experience or special expertise on turquoise, consider contributing an article to this site. You will be fully credited and given a link to your own website.  We would like to make this site’s further development a community affair.

We are Real Professionals

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