Turquoise Color Variations

Turquoise can be found in many colors, including deep blue, light blue, greenish-blue shades, green, and even yellow.  What accounts for this variation?

  • Blue Shades

The presence of copper in the rock where turquoise forms will result in blue shades.  This is the shade of blue that is most prized and that is denoted when “turquoise” is used as a color.

  • Green Shades

If a high concentration of iron is present, then the turquoise will take on a green shade. This is due to some iron replacing aluminium in the mineral. 

  • Yellow-Green Shades

When zinc is present, the turquoise will take on a yellowgreen shade.  This is a rare color, found only in a few mines.

  • Yellow “Turquoise.

”  Yellow “turquoise” is usually a mixture of quartz and jasper.  Yellow serpentine is also sold as turquoise in the marketplace.  It is often confused as turquoise because it can be found in the same mines from which turquoise is taken.