Turquoise From Egypt (Sinai)

This is where it all began!  Although no longer a significant source of  turquoise, Sinai deserve special recognition for its historical significance.  It is believed that turquoise was mined here before Persia, perhaps around 6000 B.C.  Archeological excavations of ancient tombs have uncovered turquoise jewelry buried with its owner thousands of years before the birth of Christ. 

In ancient times, Sinai was so associated with turquoise that it was even referred to as the Country of Turquoise.  The mines were concentrated in the southwest section of the peninsula.  Although the mines have long been depleted of their treasures, making commercial mining unprofitable, the native Bedouins.  The turquoise that comes from this region tends to be more green than blue, making it less prized than Persian turquoise, and is often referred to as Egyptian Turquoise.