Turquoise From Mexico

Turquoise has been a prized gem in Mexico for a very long time, probably longer than can be documented.  For example, a Teotihuacan mask that might date back as far as 300 A.D. has been unearthed.  The Toltec civilization is known to have traded turquoise with northern civilizations in the 8th Century. When the Toltec civilization died out, only to be replaced by the Aztecs, turquoise gained even greater prominence. One of the most stunning pieces in Montezuma’s famed treasure (now in British museum) includes a carved serpent that is decorated with turquoise tiles.

Today most of the turquoise mined in Mexico comes from the northern state of Sonora, which shares a border with the U.S. state of Arizona.  Mexican  turquoise can be of high quality, and comes in both shades of blue and green.  The very best Mexican turquoise is every bit as good as that found in the Southwestern U.S. states. 

There are several mines in Sonora, including the following:

  • Caridad Mine, La Caridad, Mun. de Nacozari de Carcia,, Sonora.

  • Barranca Mine, Santa Maria, Mun. de Onavas, Sonora

  • Mun. de Baviacora, Sonora